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»  Not exactly Indiana Jones.

Hangin' with the pigeons in Piazza San Marco in Venice.

Here's the truth: I am not an adventurer, an explorer, or a swashbuckling, machete-wielding, action hero. I do not come from the Badass Hollywood Archetype school of travel writing (Tuesday agenda: escape from Uzbeki prison; Wednesday: hitchhike across Asia; Thursday: climb K2 in the nude). No, the school I come from is the, uh, well ... the Neurotic Wimp school. I prefer to keep my limbs intact, thanks, and my tales of near-death experiences to a minimum.


Which is to say: I specialize in the offbeat, not “off the beaten path"; in covering familiar territory in an unfamiliar way. My travel stories and essays have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, World Hum, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Vita.mn, among many others, and anthologized in the Lonely Planet book A Moveable Feast: Live-Changing Food Encounters Around the World.


I'm based in Minneapolis, which I am convinced is one of the great cities of the world. Come visit, you'll understand. For more info about me, including assorted random facts about such matters as my pastry obsession and my ice-sculpting prowess, please visit my personal web site.




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BY THE NUMBERS: Frequency of selected words in first draft of book: ... tourist/tourists/touristic/tourism: 433 (!!) ... travel/traveler/traveling: 269 ...

Arthur: 229 ... Lee: 176  ... Mom/mother: 130 ... croissant/pain au chocolat/pastry: 17 ... awkward/awkwardly/nervous/nervously: 14 ... whizzer: 1 (regarding Manneken Pis, "the wee whizzer")