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Sorry, no car giveaways. But I can offer personalized goofiness. How 'bout that?


Buy one copy of my book from an indie bookstore or  five copies from anywhere, e-mail/mail me proof (e.g. copy of a receipt) and I'll write you a travel-related limerick or haiku.


Fourteen copies gets you a personalized sonnet  (because why not) sent via aerogram anywhere in the world to you or to a recipient of your choosing.

1. Thanks for buying my book! I appreciate it and I hope you like it. Come to a reading or write me a postcard so I can thank you personally and give you a Commentary Track Bookmark.


2. All kinds of ways to buy the book. Hard copy. Digital. Audio. No skywriting or tattoo versions, although for the right price, perhaps we can make arrangements. It's available all over, in physical stores large and small and, of course, online.


3. I love independent bookstores. My own favorites include Birchbark Books (Minneapolis), Common Good Books (Saint Paul), Magers & Quinn (Minneapolis), Micawber's (Saint Paul), Third Place Books (Seattle), Elliott Bay Books (Seattle), Tattered Cover (Denver), Books & Books (Miami), Powell's (Portland), Books, Inc. (Bay Area), powerHouse Arena (Brooklyn), Harvard Coop (Cambridge, Mass.), Harvard Book Store (Cambridge, Mass.), and Square  Books (Oxford, Miss.).


Independent bookstores are community cornerstones, they're gathering grounds, they're curators and promoters and perpetuators of good storytelling. They're absolutely essential to a literary culture. So while I love all booksellers of all varieties, and I truly don't care which one, large or small, you patronize--hey, I'm just glad you're reading the book--allow me to just give a plug for the little guys. If getting it at an independent bookseller is a reasonable option for you ... just, you know, think about it.



Well, let's see. It's a travel book for people who don't like travel books (and also those who do), slyly spoofing and subverting the tropes and cliches of  the classic travel memoir formula. It's funny and informative (but never annoyingly zany or pedantic). It's a fast read--perfect for a long airplane ride. Like, say, to Europe. It's also the perfect traveling companion: small in size, low in cost, full of quips and endearing quirks and unexpectedly informative observations. Needs no passport. Sweet-smelling. And so on.





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