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The Parade for Sex & Beer in Paris. (Read the book for an explanation.)



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Europe on Five Wrong Turns a Day won a Lowell Thomas Award from the American Society of American Travel Writers! The judges said: "This is such a unique premise for a travel book! At first blush, it doesn’t make sense to use a 50-year-old travel guide as your main information source for a trip across Europe, but maybe that’s the point. Instead of eschewing the tourist culture that so many travel books try to avoid, Doug Mack celebrates the time-honored main attractions. He brings a sense of nostalgia to his book, using the aged travel guide and vignettes from a 1960s European adventure of his mother’s — mixed with great writing and a heavy dose of self-deprecating humor — to create an engaging and poignant travel memoir."


















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BY THE NUMBERS: Rank of overnight train from Vienna to Venice among most restless, uncomfortable nights of my life: top 5 ... Thought upon seeing sun rise over Italian hillsides: Okay, well, maybe that was worth it. ... Time of day Arthur says you should arrive in Venice: night ... Time of day I say you should arrive: morning or later afternoon, when the long shadows make the city feel that much more dramatic and atmospheric. ... Location of best meal during trip: Madrid ... Total cost of said meal: 10.35 euros (that's cheap by European standards) ... Equivalent amount in 1967 dollars: about $2.06





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